5 Reasons I love dancing at restaurants… and you should, too!

I love dancing at restaurants, here are just a few of the reasons why!

1. It knocks down that pesky fourth wall Bronwen (from Dayton) talked about in her ballet- belly dance workshop. Nothing bothers me more than looking for an audience member to connect with and being met by both darkness and incredibly bright light simultaneously. It’s lonely up there on the stage. Why not dance between the tables? Grab a high five from a friend, check out what table three’s eating? Play with the kids, careful who you share your veil with- and have some fun with people!

2. The dancer is (hopefully) being paid a FAIR wage. Patronizing restaurants that offer a fair wage to their dancers, and employ true professionals, is a great way to support the arts in your community, without spending any more money than you would have, anyway! (And yes, I DO ask if they receive a fair wage when I’m sitting down to eat.) Don’t be agreeable to watch “free” dance. Because it’s not free. Someone is paying for that ten minutes of amazing performance. Don’t make it the dancer.

3. Customers don’t have to watch the whole time. No, you’re not ignoring me! I know your hummus and falafel are delicious! I’m gonna order me up some at the end of the night, too! You know what your enjoyment of your food means? A more relaxed gig for me. Honestly, not being stared at the whole time makes me have a little more fun, and feel a little more free in my creative movement.

4. It’s not a hookah lounge. Don’t get me wrong, some of the best belly dance in THE WHOLE REGION features in Hookah Lounges in Cincinnati- but my tender bronchi and eosinophils just can’t rock the hookah smoke. Was the gig worth a sore throat for seven days? Yes, sadly, I have reminisced on that very point in the past. With the no-smoking law in Louisville, I can breathe again while I dance! Magical! Oh, and by the way, I don’t care what anyone says, there’s some flavours of hookah that all the Febreeze in the world ain’t gonna neutralize.

5. Kinda mentioned this in point three- I get to EAT!!!

So, happy eating, happy dancing, and JUST KEEP MOVING!



Romana at Eat A Pita, Louisville, KY

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