Belly Dance at World fest

Real Live Actual Belly Dance presented the show River City Raqs and our special guests totally killed it! Here’s a little video of one of the songs!

Wanna learn? Check out our front page for information about where you can take some real live actual belly dance classes in Louisville, ky!

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  1. Teal Bridwell says:

    Really would like to learn. Plz contact at your convenience.


    1. MLM RB says:

      Hi! We have several classes offered a week in the Louisville area! Celestina teaches at the downtown YMCA on Mondays at 6:30PM and the Norton Commons YMCA on Wednesday evenings at 7:30. Membership is required at the YMCA, and day passes are typically 20 dollars, but if you have a YMCA membership already, these classes are no additional cost!
      Romana teaches beginning belly dance on Saturdays at Freestyle Fitness at 2:30 PM. Drop ins are 15 dollars and Membership is $50 a month. Sorry for the slow reply, and thanks so much for getting in contact with us! Have a lovely day! -Celestina and Romana.


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