Delving into Classical Indian Music

From Romana:

It was so exciting to get to show off all the hard work I’ve put into studying classical Indian music- called karnatic music- for the last couple years.
This was my very first  musical performance of karnatic music, and I was so nervous and excited, not to mention the first time I’ve really sang in, well, a while!

My Guru Phane J Sen teaches just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, and I make the sojourn up there at least twice a month to spend the day studying under her. It’s tough, but so worth it. Music is my first love in life, beyond dance or writing, really, and any time I can dedicate to musical study is the most sincere fulfillment of my life.

The music you are about to hear is composed of a series of letters each assigned a certain note in the scale, or raga, loosely, that the slokam is sung in. This particular piece is more an exercise than a song. The words only mean the note you must sing, as opposed to language, so don’t worry that you can’t understand it!

Thanks for reading and listening, I hope you enjoy this snapshot of our mini-recital as much as I enjoyed singing.

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