Phantom of the Hafla

Celestina experienced a Fusion Intrusion when she coaxed Dr. Doum Tek from hiding/semi-retirement.

Perhaps she should have left him there.

There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the origins of Dr. Doum Tek on the internet. Is he a prank, a Facebook creeping rando? Some sort of Slenderman in a hipscarf? No one seems to know, or at least, not willing to talk about it.

I did not take this film of Celestina, but I was present that night. I can tell you this guy came from freaking nowhere. I saw him hanging out in the parking lot at Feast and thought they must have some kind of voodoo night over at the BBQ place, then this guy busts into the Akasha Hafla like he owns the place.

Celestina didn’t even have a chance to make a proper entrance.

What should have been a relatively straightforward take on the dance of the seven veils became a distorted re-telling of Phantom of the Opera.

It seems Dr. Doum Tek heard the opening lines and decided to take Celestina’s musical choice very, very literally.

I don’t have any information yet regarding Doum Tek’s apparently accomplice, except to say they, too, have a sinister and scholarly flair to them, and they always appear to be wearing the belly dancer’s finger cymbals, also known as “zils.”

I’m going to code name this second player “Professor Zils” for the time being.

For now, I submit this for your review,

Romana out

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