Stills found of Dr. Doum Tek

After plunking around on the internet for a while, and hard core stalking a couple ladies I knew were at  the hafla, I managed to pull these stills from various sundry facebook posts. I’ve collated them on our own facebook site, in case anyone in the community comes across this guy.

He calls himself Dr. Doum Tek.

Not sure if he should be avoided, hit on, if he wants to book us for a gig, or what.

But I do know that these ladies were getting suspiciously cozy with an individual whose accomplice has been accused of placing trails of glitter through haflas to lure unsuspecting belly dancers behind stage.

The accomplice is called Professor Zils. He does not speak, only zagareets.

I’ve noticed Dr. Doum Tek does have a facebook profile, and he tends to crop up randomly on other people’s feeds, usually announced and uninvited. What is this guy up to? Why’s he hanging around with belly dancers? What’s up with yarn hair?

Since these photos were taken, I have confirmed safety of Celestina.

I haven’t heard back from Gina Bellina yet. She’s one of those old fashioned types who doesn’t do the social media.

And why’s he always looking at the belly dancer when his picture be getting taken?

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