Romana in her element…

slow tribal fusion.

I’ve been training in tribal fusion for years and I’m finally seeing all that  hard work starting to pay off. For those of you who don’t know, I’m talking about half a decade PLUS of weekly, at times daily training. When not dancing, yoga has been a staple of my daily life. Studying, sometimes traveling notable distances, to achieve that education. And after six intense years of constant struggle, study and practice, I’m now starting to see pay off. To see moments, glimpses of myself moving like the dancer I want to be, the dancer I know I can be.

Hopefully, the dancer I WILL be.

Let this be a word of encouragement and warning to students:

You will not look like Rachel Brice next month. Nor Zoe Jakes, or Mardi Love or Kami Liddle, or any of the other great dancers.

Maybe not next year, either.

Maybe not before the next election cycle (feels so far away).

But if you practice and STUDY your art with intensity, appreciation and dedication, you will get there.

Someday. I don’t  know what day that  will be, but it  is there.

In your future, and mine, too.

Happy New Year,

Romana Bereneth.

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