Romana Exclusive!

An exclusive look at Romana’s FULL Performance at the Freestyle Freedom Hafla last January!

Romana is the Belly Dance Instructor at Freestyle Fitness, specializing in Datura Style Tribal Fusion. She hopes to complete the 8 Elements Program sometime next year, or 2019.

A word on the music: This was a party, and Romana literally busted out to dance to a song on her playlist that she absolutely adores. It’s called “Aerial Love” by Daniel Johns (if you haven’t already Shazaamed it).  It’s the first track from his 2015 album Talk. It’s a record and you should definitely check it out. Daniel Johns’ Website

He’s probably on iTunes and stuff, too. He’s definitely on Amazon.

A word on tribal Fusion:

Tribal Fusion is a beautiful, modern dance form blending movement concepts from belly dance, modern and jazz, classical Indian and sometimes even Balinese. The outcome is distinct, and new. Tribal Fusion gives those who seek a voice through movement that no other dance can offer. The movement concepts and vocabulary codified by artistssuch as Suhaila Salimpour, Carolena Nerrichio, Jill Parker, Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes (to mention a select few) provide students with a connection to our physicality, our sense of sensuality that does not require us to be “sexy” or “hot” or any other sort of adjective so willingly pasted over the dancer’s form. When we dance Tribal Fusion, we become part  of the Mystery, greater than ourselves, and this is what drives, what captivates, and what keeps so many devotees of this new dance form. Quintesstentially modern, and welcoming to all bodies, all genders, all people, Tribal Fusion is becoming through its practictioners one of the great, global modern dances.

Truly, a force to be reckoned with.


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