Christmas in Cairo!

Go ahead, ask us if we’re excited…

…to be part of the biggest, jingliest, fanciest, shimmyiest, SPARLKIEST, Real Live Actualiest Christmas show in Louisville this year?

Let’s face it, the last show on this scale in Louisville was the Belly Dance Superstars, and that’s been a minute ago.

And what makes this show even more special is the cause. Sparkle Dance Productions has put together this star-studded lineup to raise awareness, funds and (importantly!) TOYS for Home of the Innocents.

You may not know what Home of the Innocents is, so I’d like to take a moment to acquaint you.

Home of the Innocents (or “the Home” to many) is where “Louisville’s vulnerable children and youth find emotional, physical, and intellectual support that can transform their lives.”

Founded in 1880 by Dr. James Taylor Helm, The Home addressed several needs of vulnerable children in Greater Louisville Area including, but not limited to residential assistance, pediatric medical care,  shelter and education for pregnant and parenting teens, crisis and intervention services, and of course foster and adoption services.


Did you know this critical service provider to children all over Louisville is also our neighbor, ESPECIALLY if you live in the Butchertown, NuLu, Phoenix Hill or Irish Hill neighborhoods? You know, next to Feeders Supply on Baxter Avenue.

Think of it another way, if you’ve been to Flea Off Market, you’ve walked right by Home of the Innocents.

This keystone organization has enjoyed expansion and kindness from local donors, especially since 1995, but their mission and their needs remain largely the same- the needs of children.

This Christmas, come learn how you can Volunteer, Donate, or even Foster or Adopt during our brief “Hello from the Home!” presentation, enjoy fine catering, world class entertainment, and bring a child something they really do need- a toy.

And if you can’t join us, please consider looking into how you, too, can help this other wonderful charitable causes around our weird, oddball city.




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