Enta Omri by Oum Kulthum w/ Lyrics & Translation


Easiest version I’ve seen to read the Arabic, English and transliteration as one. Thank you.

The Golden Scarab

رجعوني عينيك لأيامي اللي راحوا
Raga’ouni ‘Aynek Li-Ayyami-elli-Rahou
Your eyes took me back to the days that used to be (have gone)
علموني أندم على الماضي وجراحه
‘Allemouni Andam ‘Ala-l-Madhi Wi-Grahou
They’ve taught me to regret the past and its wounds
اللي شفته قبل ما تشوفك عنيه
Elli Shefto Abli Ma Tshufak ‘Einayya
What I have seen before my eyes have seen you
عمر ضايع يحسبوه إزاي عليّ
‘Omrii Daye’ Ezzay Yehsibou ‘Allaya
Lost years, how can they count that against me
انت عمري اللي ابتدي بنورك صباحه
Enta ‘Omri Elli Ebtada B-Nourak Sabaho
You are my life, whose morning started with your light
قد ايه من عمري قبلك راح وعدّى
Addi Eih Men ‘Omri Ablak Rah W-Adda
How much of my life’s time, before you, has gone and been spent
يا حبيبي قد ايه من عمري راح
Ya Habibi Adde Eih Men ‘Omri Rah
My lover, how much of…

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