Booking Info

Real Live Actual BellyDancers! features three powerhouse artists with a combined twenty-five years experience in performance, instruction and theatre arts.

Make your next event a Real Live Actual HIT!

We are available as a group or solo for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, themed parties, festivals and other social events.

Check out our “Workshop” page to find out what Real Live Actual Belly Dance we can bring to your festival or belly dance event!


1 Dancer, 15 minute Belly Dance show: $225.00

2 Dancers, 20-30 minute Belly Dance show: $300.00

Special options for weddings, please contact us using the form below.

Are you a restaurant or lounge looking to book belly dance as a regular live show? Fill out our form below to get in contact with us about special pricing for regular booked shows!

Lesson Pricing:

Party Lessons are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers and other festive events:

45 minute “party” lesson for $150.00

Private lesson for 1 person: $65.00/hr

Additional students: $30.00/additional student per hour.

… or email for more information.

Our Privacy Policy: RLAB occasionally collects information to help our outreach and improve the general public’s knowledge about us. We never sell any information we collect, nor share it, trade it, display or put it in a public place to our knowledge. Our sole purpose in information collection is to get to know our client base better. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us at

Photo Courtesy of Brandy Bergmann, all rights reserved. No unauthorized use or manipulation without written consent from photographer.

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