We’re whipping up a delicious menu of high-impact, relevant workshops we can take on the road and straight to your studio! From Egyptian choreography, musical improvisation, drum solo and prop specialization, we can bring some Real Live Actual Belly Dance education to any event!

Celestina’s Workshops:

D-d-d-d-DRUM SOLOOOOOOO!!!: From dynamic to darling, the DRUM SOLO is a Celestina speciality. In this 1.5 hour workshop, Celestina walks, hops, jumps, drills and shimmies you through a daring routine you can use as part of a longer set or as a single solo.

The Sleek Greek: Learn to shred with your belly dance moves to keep up with that bouzouki player! This fast, fun, flirty Greek choreography will get you spinning, your hips bumping, hair flying and the audience crying, “Ompa!”

To Know A-veil: Fast veil work is a staple of the American Cabaret dance set. You silk veil is your best friend, don’t fail it on stage! Celestina will teach students signature American Cabaret veil comboes as well as critical troubleshooting techniques. Please bring one silk rectangle veil for the workshop.

Double Veil, All the Way!: In this workshop we’ll take your cabaret veil all the way by adding a friend! Double veil routines have their own technique vocabulary and conventions you NEED TO KNOW if you’re going out on stage with you two best friends- your veils! Celestina teaches essential technique, secrets of the 70s Cabaret stars and walks you through what to do if you suddenly find yourself outnumbered and surrounded by your props. She also busts myths and preconceptions like “you can’t double veil in tight spaces.” By this end of this workshop, you will have a concise, dynamic double veil solo you can splice into any set to spice it up!

Romana’s Workshops:

Hot Hot Sagat: Get in touch with your inner “killer ziller” in this intense, fast 1.5 hour workshop that will cover basic patterns, bust out of the 8-count box and teach you a zill choreography that will audiences wanting more, not less, of everyone’s favorite musical prop.

Tribal Times with Romana Bereneth: Times are tough. Learn to take it slow and slinky in this improv-oriented drills class.

‘Til They Cut Me Down: Romana’s unique take on sword work stems partly from her training in Bharatanatyam and partly from her brief interactions with Kendo. IN this workshop, Romana will take you through a series of sequences and concepts you can arrange and re-arrange as needed for your own sword choreography. Topics in this 1.5 hour workshop include building suspense, “where to stick it”, troubleshooting and staging dynamics with groups.

Do be dramatic, darling: There’s dramatic dance and there’s dance drama. Dramatic dance is a dance that doesn’t necessarily tell a story so much as it tells, well, drama. More about conveying emotions abstractly, “dramatic dance” is all about the drama. But Romana has gone one step further with her group choreographies and has begun experimenting with dance-drama- the act of storytelling through dance. In this workshop we’ll pick a simple theme or story, then explore and develop effective methods to tell that story through our individual dance vocabularies on stage.

My Muse, the Music: You’ve got to listen to your music if you ever hope to dance effectively and with emotional impact for your audiences. But this doesn’t mean you have to sit and listen to canned music thousands of times before hitting the stage. In fact, you can get to know your music even if it’s live and improvisational! In this 1.5 hour workshop, Romana will guide you through simple exercises to help you develop movement concepts with a live musician. (And yes, there will be a live musician!)

BLING is the THING: In this costuming workshop inspired by Romana’s student Oreya, Romana will take students through her process in transforming found items to sensational costume. Romana will demonstrate how to take base materials, found items, and raw materials to create a final product. Both Cabaret and Tribal costumes in various stages of production will be demonstrated and Romana will provide in-depth explanation regarding each step in her costuming process. At the end of this workshop, students will have a clear idea, step-by-step guidance and examples, and have troubleshooting suggestions. With proper guidance and the right materials you can turn that thing into a costume that will make audience member’s eyes go BLING BLING!

Gina Bellina’s Workshops (co-taught with Celestina or Romana):

Inevitable BeTRAYal: Well, there really is, it’s on your head! Join Gina Bellina in this workshop focused on balancing and working out your trust issues. Oh yeah, sure that brass conglomeration is your best friend, until he’s out of your line of sight! Don’t let your tray beTRAY you by following these tips on staying cool…even if your head’s kind of on fire.

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